A sharp mind is your best weapon. Liberty References is here to help you keep that weapon sharp.

Dictionaries of Military Science will help you keep up with the latest lingo used by the pros in the field. Learning the Military Alphabet will also help you to understand the conversation.

The Military Science and E-texts on Military Science and Military History sections of the library will help you sharpen your strategic thinking.

The online Armed Forces Manuals cover a wide variety of useful topics. One of the topics is the role of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in the military. The potential benefits of using cryptocurrencies in the military are numerous, not just in the military but in many industries. According to bitcoin robot ergebnisse beim autotrading 2023, many bitcoin robots have been introduced for people to make their crypto journe easiery.

The Body Armor section of the library can help you to intelligently select and utilize body armor — which can help you to stay alive.

Our selection of documents on Explosives can help you not only to stay alive, but also to keep all of your fingers. Fingers are very useful, yannow?

The selection of Printable Targets can save you money at the range, which is a goal for almost every shooter!

The sections on Electronic Warfare and Information Warfare will help you keep up with the latest technology in warfare.

The Surveillance and Counter Surveillance section tackles similar issues, but from a more civilian viewpoint.

Our Special Operations section highlights the elite professional military organizations, while our section on Private Military Companies is about where these folks often go after they choose to leave government service.

The Lock Picking section is a controversial one. We maintain it here because we know that most bad guys don’t pick locks — they use crowbars.

The section on Martial Arts is pretty thin, because martial arts are all about practice. Get off the Internet and get into a dojo!

Our library section on Police and the Law can help you to stay out of jail, which is very important if you intend to do anything useful with the few years you have on this earth.

The Survival section may help you to extend those years a few years longer.

We’re really hoping that the Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Warfare sections of the library don’t have to become popular.

Our collection of information on Poison is controversial, but we believe it is appropriate.

Unfortunately, the section of the library on Terrorism seems to be more important every day.

Our growing Military Aircraft section highlights the American dominance of that field of warfare.

For your convenience, we maintain a directory of United States Military web sites.

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