Information Warfare Glossaries

Glossary of Information Warfare Terms

Dr. Ivan Goldberg

Information Warfare Glossrary

Marko Kulmala

Glossary: The Convoluted Terminology of Information Warfare

Randall Whitaker, Ph.D.

Papers on Information Warfare

An Electronic Pearl Harbor? Not Likely

George Smith

What is Information Warfare?

Martin Libicki

Induced Fragility in Information Age Warfare: Recognition of the value of information and advances in information processing capability uncover new risks

Bruce Fowler and Donald Peterson

Intelligence-Based Threat Assessments for Information Networks and Infrastructures

Kent Anderson

Information Warfare and International Law

Lawrence Greenberg, Seymour Goodman, and Kevin Soo Hoo

Observations on the Emergence of Network Centric Warfare

Fred Stein

Black Lights: Chaos, Complexity, and the Promise of Information Warfare

James Schneider

Leading the Revolution in C4I

Admiral Jeremy Boorda

An American Revolution in Military Affairs

William Owens

War in the Information Age

Thomas Mahnken

Thinking About Revolutions in Military Affairs

Murray Williamson

Knowedge-Based Warfare: Security Strategy for the Next Century

Lawrence Casper, Irving Halter, Earl Powers, Paul Selva, Thomas Steffens, and Lamar Willis

Information Warfare at the Crossroads

Colonel Brian Fredericks

Conflict and the Computer: Information Warfare and Related Ethical Issues

Sam Nitzberg

Dominant Battlespace Knowledge

Stuart Johnson and Martin Libicki

Defensive Information Warfare

David Alberts

Information Warfare and Deterrence

Gary Wheatley and Richard Hayes

The Unintended Consequences of InformationAge Technologies

David Alberts

Sun Tzu and the Art of War in Information Warfare

Bob Beilson

Information War and the Air Force: Wave of the Future? Current Fad?

Glen Buchan

Strategic Information Warfare: A New Face of War

Roger Molander, Andrew Riddile, and Peter Wilson

The Advent of Netwar

John Arquilla and David Ronfeldt

Strategic Information Warfare Rising

Roger Molander, Peter Wilson, David Mussington, and Richard Mesic

Strategic War . . . in Cyberspace

RAND Research Brief

The International Legal Implications of Information Warfare

Richard Aldrich

Network-Centric Warfare: Its Origin and Future

Vice Admiral Arthur Cebrowski and John Garstka

When Computers Are Weapons: Information Warfare and the Security Dilemma

Timothy Lunardi

Offensive Information Warfare: Is a weak defense the best offense?

Jeffrey Voas

Reducing Uncertainty about Survivability

Jeffrey Voas, Gary McGraw, and Anup Ghosh

SANS InfoSec Reading Room

Information Warfare white papers written by students seeking GIAC certification

Computer network attack and international humanitarian law

Knut Dormann

Wired warfare: Computer network attack and jus in bello

Michael Schmitt

Information warfare

William Church

The Need for a USAF Information Warfare (IW) Strategy for Military Operations Other Than War (MOOTW)

Bradley Butler

Cyber Troops and Net War: The Profession of Arms in the Information Age

Arsenio Gumahad

The Low-Tech Side of Information Warfare

Captain Alex Berger

Legal and Practical Constraints on Information Warfare

Karl Kuschner

IW Cyberlaw: The Legal Issues of Information Warfare

David DiCenso

Information Operations and Joint Vision 2020: Ready to Accept the Challenge

Lieutenant Commander Anthony Clapp

Information Operations: Will We Be Ready for the Next Attack?

Lieutenant Colonel James Costigan

Information Operations: Computer Network Attack in the 21st Century

Lieutenant Colonel Jennie Williamson

Some Cautionary Thoughts on Information Warfare

R.L. DiNardo and Daniel Hughes

Information Warfare and Deterrence

Richard Harknett

FM 3-13

Information Operations: Doctrine, Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures

Non-Profit Organizations Studying Information Warfare

National Defense University

One of our country’s premier centers for learning and thinking about America’s national security


Institute for the Advanced Study of Information Warfare

NIIIP Consortium Homepage

National Industrial Information Infrastructure Protocols

RAND Arroyo Center

Army Research Division

Corporations involved in Information Warfare

RAS Defense Services

RAS creates innovative engineering, hardware, and software solutions utilizing leading-edge technology. RAS also provide continuing education seminars in communications, radar, intelligence, electronic warfare, and receiver design.

U.S. Government Agencies involved in Information Warfare

National Security Agency

Central Intelligence Agency: Director of Central Intelligence

U.S. Military Agencies involved in Information Warfare


Defense Technical Information Center — The central facility for the collection and dissemination of scientific and technical information for the Department of Defense


Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency


Defense Information Systems Agency


Defense Intelligence Agency


U.S. Air Force Information Warfare Center


U.S. Air Force Air Intelligence Agency

U.S. Navy Advanced Information Technology


Navy Information Technology Magazine Dedicated to Sharing Technology Information Experience

U.S. Army Signal Center: Fort Gordon

U.S. Army Software Engineering Center

A premier software organization dedicated to providing the Warfighter the edge through innovative software solutions

IATAC: Information Assurance Technology Analysis Center

Provides the DoD a central point of access on Information Assurance to support the development and implementation of effective defense against Information Warfare attacks


The Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association

Information Warfare Miscellany


The premier conference on cyber-terrorism, homeland defense and non-conventional warfare

Preparing for the 21st Century: An Appraisal of U.S. Intelligence

A comprehensive review of U.S. Intelligence capabilities

Fundamentals of Information Warfare - An Airmans View

Presented to the National Security Industry Association-National Defense University Foundation Conference on The Global Information Explosion

Psychological Operations in Guerrilla Warfare

A tactical manual for the revolutionary that was published by the Central Intelligence Agency and distributed to the Contras in Central America

IWS - The Information Warfare Site

The Information Warfare Site is an online resource that aims to stimulate debate on a variety of issues involving information security, information operations, computer network operations, homeland security and more.

Information Warfare Monitor

The Information Warfare Monitor is an advanced research project examining how states and non-state actors seek to exploit information and information systems to pursue political objectives through non-political means

The Information War

A speech given at the opening of Public Netbase t0

The United States is vulnerable to Information Warfare attacks because our economic, social, military, and commercial infrastructures demand timely and accurate as well as reliable information services. This vulnerability is complicated by the dependence of our DoD information systems on commercial or proprietary networks which are readily accessed by both users and adversaries. The identification of the critical paths and key vulnerabilities within the information infrastructure is an enormous task. Recent advances in information technology have made information systems easier to use, less expensive, and more available to a wide spectrum of potential adversaries.

The security of our nation depends on the survivability, authenticity, and continuity of DoD information systems. These systems are vulnerable to external attacks, due in part to the necessary dependence on commercialsystems and the increased use of the Internet. The survivability, authenticity, and continuity of DoD information systems is of supreme importance to the Warfighter. With the increasing amount of concern and Information Warfare activities requiring rapid responses, it is difficult to ensure that all appropriate agencies and organizations are given the knowledge and tools to protect from, react to, and defend against Information Warfare attacks.

— Information Assurance Technology Analysis Center

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