If sometimes it seems as if the military has a language all it’s own, it’s because the military really does have a language all it’s own.

Here are the dictionaries, glossaries, and acronym lists which will help you to translate between military jargon and civilian terminology. Move out!

DOD Dictionary of Military Terms

CALL Thesaurus

Thesaurus of Military Terms

Joint Publication 1-02

DoD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms (Downloadable PDF)

Space & Electronic Warfare Lexicon

Military terms and slang glossary


Military Acronyms

Key Terms Related to Military Spending

US Military Acronyms

Military Abbreviations, Acronyms and Terms

Military Periscope

The Probert E-Text Encyclopaedia: Weapons and Warfare

Proliferation: Threat and Response Glossary


Glossary of Information Warfare Terms

Globemaster Dictionary

Military abbreviations and acronyms of the US Armed Forces

United States Army Air Force Glossary and Abbreviations

Commercial Multimedia Technologies for Twenty-First Century Army Battlefields: A Technology Management Strategy

U.S. Army Acronym Lists

The Army Force Management School

Army Technology

U.S. Navy Abbreviations of World War II

An Unabridged Unofficial Dictionary for Marines

Naval Glossary

Swear Like a Trooper Dictionary of Military Terms Army Dictionary and Desk Reference
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