Effective military leadership requires skills which are virtually unknown in the civilian world. These leadership skills are taught through extensive training in leadership theory and focused development of the time-tested military leadership style.

Leadership skills are not something many people are born with, but with proper training and development in leadership theory most students are able to develop a quality leadership style from a fusion of their own natural leadership traits and the military’s leadership development training.

Organizations Focused on Leadership

U.S. Army CSL

Center for Strategic Leadership

U.S. Army War College DCLM

Department of Command, Leadership, and Management

Defence Leadership Management Centre

The Defence Leadership Management Centre (DLMC) exists to improve the quality of leadership throughout Defence by providing the opportunity for individuals at all levels in the defense community to enhance their leadership skills throughout their careers.

Books and Training on Military Leadership

NCO Leadership Subjects Course

US Army Correspondence Course 553B D31

FM 22-100

Army Leadership

FM 22-51

Leader’s Manual for Combat Stress Control

Marine Corps White Paper MCWP 6-11: Leading Marines

Leading Marines describes a leadership philosophy that reflects the Marine Corps traditional strengths as an institution and attempts to define the very ethos of being a Marine.

USMC Leadership Traits

One page; Read it and print it!

Emotional Processes in Military Leadership

A model of the emotional process of leadership within the theoretical framework of affective events theory, and applied specifically to a military context

Ethical Military Leadership

The need for ethical leadership within the military is more marked than ever before. Modern warfare is politically, technologically and practically complex174. At the same time, military operations are subject to ever increasing levels of media scrutiny and the UK public rightly requires the military forces that act on its behalf to operate in accordance with the highest ethical standards. This can only be achieved if the UK Armed Forces are inculcated with a strong ethical awareness and exercised in ethical decision making. The most effective way of achieving this is by focussing efforts on educating officers during their Initial Officer Training and subsequent formal courses; and training them through the exercise of ethical analysis throughout their careers. History has demonstrated that it is vitally important that officers have a sophisticated understanding of military ethics and appreciate their responsibility to take positive action to ensure that their men act ethically.

Reason and calm judgment, the qualities specially belonging to a leader. — Tacitus, 55-177
Small Unit Leadership Leaders Field Guide Leadership for the NCO: The Three Meter Zone Becoming a Better Leader and Getting Promoted in Today's Army
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