Country of Origin France.
Similar Aircraft Alouette III, Gazelle, Scout/Wasp, OH-13 Sioux.
Crew One.
Role Observation, liaison, light-attack.
Armament Machine gun, rockets, missiles.
Dimensions Length: 33 ft, 8 in (10.28 m). Rotor diameter: 36 ft (11 m).

Alouette II WEFT Description

Wings Three-blade main rotor high-mounted to the rear of the cockpit.
Engine(s) One turboshaft high-mounted on the fuselage to the rear of the cockpit and main rotor shaft. Upturned exhaust.
Fuselage Oval, transparent, bubble cockpit. Tadpole-like appearance. Fixed-skid landing gear. Tail boom is open framework.
Tail Small, rectangular, square-tipped flats forward of a small, right side-mounted rotor. No fin. Rotor guard.

Countries which Fly the Alouette II

Algeria, Belgium, Djibouti, Ecuador, France, Germany, India (Cheetah), Indonesia, Pakistan (Lama), Portugal, Togo, Tunisia, Turkey.

Alouette II Manufacturer Web Site

Aerospatiale is now part of EADS.


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