Country of Origin CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).
Similar Aircraft C-130 Hercules, C-160 Transall, G.222.
Crew Six.
Role Medium-cargo/transport (100 equipped troops, vehicles, and weapons), ECM, ELINT.
Armament Twin 23-mm cannons in tail.
Dimensions Length: 121 ft, 4 in (37 m). Span: 124 ft, 8 in (38 m).

An-12 Cub WEFT Description

Wings High-mounted with drooping outer wing panels, back-tapered leading edges, straight trailing edges, and blunt tips.
Engine(s) Four turboprop engines mounted under the wings�’ leading edges.
Fuselage Round, slender body with stepped cockpit and glassed-in nose. Landing gear pods bulge at lower body midsection. Upswept rear section.
Tail Flats are unequally tapered with blunt tips and mounted high on the fuselage. Fin is tapered with a blunt tip and a step in the leading edge. Two 23-mm guns in tail turret.

Countries which Fly the An-12 Cub

Angola, Afghanistan, Bulgaria, CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), Czech Republic, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Iraq, People’s Republic of China (Y-12), Poland, Slovakia, South Yemen, Sri Lanka, Syria (Y-12), Yugoslavia.

An-12 Cub Manufacturers Web Site


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