Countries of Origin CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), Poland.
Similar Aircraft U-6A Beaver, OV-1 Mohawk, OV-10 Bronco
Crew Two.
Role Light-transport (10 equipped troops), general utility.
Armament Usually none.
Dimensions Length: 41 ft, 9 in (12.75 m). Span: 59 ft, 8 in (18.19 m).

An-2 Colt WEFT Description

Wings Biplane and rectangular-shaped with curved tips. One high-mounted and one low-mounted (shorter), connected and braced by two struts.
Engine(s) One radial piston engine (some versions are turboprop) mounted in the nose.
Fuselage Short and thick with solid, blunt nose. Stepped cockpit. Fixed landing gear.
Tail Fin tapered with large, round tip. Flats are low-mounted on the tail fin and rectangular-shaped with curved tips.

Countries which Fly the An-2 Colt

Afghanistan, Albania (Y-5), Angola, Benin, Bulgaria, Cambodia, CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), Cuba, Germany, Iraq, Laos, Mali, Mongolia, Nicaragua, North Korea, People’s Republic of China (Y-5), Poland, Romania, Tanzania, Vietnam.

An-2 Colt Manufacturers Web Site


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