Country of Origin France.
Similar Aerial Platform(s) Tomahawk AGM-86.
Role Cruise, air-to-ground attack.
Armament Submunitions and HE warhead.
Dimensions Length: 16 ft, 4 in (5.01 m). Span: 8 ft, 3 in (2.53 m).

Apache CWS WEFT Description

Wings High-mounted on body, straight with square tips, and a slight negative slant.
Engine(s) Single turbojet mounted in rear of fuselage. Air intake in scoop beneath the rear section. Round exhaust in rear.
Fuselage Round, tapers to a pointed nose and a blunt rear. Radar in nose is not visible.
Tail Fin unequally tapered with square tip. Flats mid- to high-mounted on the fuselage, straight with square tips.

Countries which Fly the Apache CWS


Apache CWS Manufacturer Web Site

Matra merged with Aerospatiale and later became part of EADS.


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