Country of Origin United Kingdom.
Similar Aerial Platform(s) Crecerelle, DR-3.
Role Target drone, reconnaissance.
Armament None.
Dimensions Length: 9 ft, 6 in (2.95 m). Span: 8 ft, 1 in (2.49 m).

Banshee BTT-3 WEFT Description

Wings Low-mounted and delta-shaped. Wings have a positive slant.
Engine(s) Single jet in rear. Single exhaust. May have prop-driven engine with prop at the rear in the opposing position.
Fuselage Round and tapers to the front. Blunt rear with jet engine, and a cone with rotary engine.
Tail Tall, swept-back fin. No flats.

Countries which Fly the Banshee BTT-3

United Kingdom and over 20 other countries.

Banshee BTT-3 Manufacturer Web Site

Meggitt Defence

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