Country of Origin Germany.
Similar Aircraft OH-6 Cayuse, Defender 500MD, Alouette III, Mi-4 Hound.
Crew Two.
Role Observation, antitank utility.
Armament HOT antitank missiles.
Dimensions Length: 39 ft (11.84 m). Rotor diameter: 32 ft, 3 in (9.84 m).

BO 105 WEFT Description

Wings Four-blade main rotor mounted above center of cabin. Antitank version has short, stubby, weapon-carrying outriggers on lower midsection.
Engine(s) Two turboshaft engines on top of fuselage.
Fuselage Short, thick, oval-shaped, and rounded at nose and rear. Glassed-in cockpit. Landing skids.
Tail Swept-back and tapered fin. Small rectangular fins mounted at the tips of the rectangular flats. Rotor on left.

Countries which Fly the BO 105

Bahrain, Brunei, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Indonesia, Iraq, Mexico, Netherlands, Nigeria, Philippines, United States of America.

BO 105 Manufacturer Web Site

MBB (Messerschmitt-Bolkow-Blohm) was purchased by DASA (Deutsche Aerospace AG) and is now EADS Germany.


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