Country of Origin USA.
Similar Aircraft CH-47 Chinook.
Crew Three.
Role Transport, cargo (25 equipped troops), assault.
Armament Usually none.
Dimensions Length: 45 ft (13.68 m). Rotor diameter: 51 ft (15.56 m).

CH-46 Sea Knight WEFT Description

Wings Two three-blade main rotors, one above the nose section and cabin on a hump; the other on top of high, thick tail fin.
Engine(s) Two turboshafts located inside the lower part of the tail fin.
Fuselage Short and thick with flat bottom and upswept tail section. Glassed-in cockpit. Landing gear pods on bottom rear of body.
Tail High, thick tail fin with oval exhaust ports on the sides.

Countries which Fly the CH-46 Sea Knight

Japan (KV-107), United States of America.

CH-46 Sea Knight Manufacturer Web Site


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