Country of Origin United Kingdom, France.
Similar Aerial Platform(s) Banshee, ASR-4 Spectre.
Crew None.
Role RISTA UAV. Armament. Usually none.
Dimensions Length: 8 ft 8 in (2.7 m). Span: 10 ft 8 in (3.3 m).

Crecerelle WEFT Description

Wings Low-mounted, delta-shaped with large, square tips.
Engine(s) Twin-cylinder, two-cycle. Two-bladed propeller in the opposing position.
Fuselage Round, tapers to a round nose. Blunt rear.
Tail Swept-back and tapered tail fin with a square tip. No flats.

Countries which Fly the Crecerelle

France, Netherlands, United Kingdom.

Crecerelle Manufacturer Web Site

The Crecerelle was developed by Target Technology Ltd. (TTL).

Target Techology was acquired by Meggitt.


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