Country of Origin USA.
Similar Aircraft OH-6 Cayuse, BO 105, Alouette II.
Crew One.
Role ASW, scout, antitank, multimission.
Armament Chain gun, missiles, TOW-capable.
Dimensions Length: 23 ft (7.02 m). Rotor diameter: 26 ft, 4 in (8.04 m).

Defender 500 WEFT Description

Wings Either four- or five-blade main rotor (depending on model). Weapons platform on lower rear body.
Engine(s) One mounted inside body. Air intakes on top of cabin. Blackhole exhaust.
Fuselage Teardrop-shaped. Round, glassed-in cockpit. Landing skids.
Tail Fin boomerang-shaped, swept-back, and tapered. Flats back-tapered with small fins attached to the tips. Flats high-mounted on the fin forming a T. Rotor on lower left of tail boom.

Countries which Fly the Defender 500

Argentina, Bahrain, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, Indonesia, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kenya, North Korea, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, United States of America.

Defender 500 Manufacturer Web Site

The Defender 500 was originally manufactured by McDonnell Douglas.

In 1997, McDonnell Douglas became part of Boeing.


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