Country of Origin USA.
Similar Aircraft F-104 Starfighter, Hawk, M.B.339, Yak-38 Forger.
Crew One; F-5F and T-38 Talon-two.
Role Fighter-bomber, CAS.
Armament Cannons, rockets, bombs.
Dimensions Length: 48 ft (14.65 m). Span: 26 ft, 8 in (8.14 m).

F-5 Freedom Fighter / Tiger II WEFT Description

Wings Low-mounted, stubby, and unequally tapered. Missiles or fuel tanks are normally carried on the square tips.
Engine(s) Two engines inside the body, semicircular air intakes forward of the wing roots. Shotgun exhausts.
Fuselage Bullet-shaped, long, drooping pointed nose. Bottom is flat from the air intakes to the dual exhausts. Bubble canopy.
Tail Flats are low-mounted and unequally tapered. Fin is large and equally tapered with a square tip.

Countries which Fly the F-5 Freedom Fighter / Tiger II

Bahrain, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Greece, Honduras, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, North Yemen, Norway, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sudan, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Venezuela.

F-5 Freedom Fighter Tiger II Manufacturer Web Site

Northrop Grumman

Books on the F-5 Freedom Fighter / Tiger II

Lock on No. 26 : Northrop F-5/F Tiger II
Lock on No. 26 : Northrop F-5/F Tiger II

This 26th installment in the popular LOCK ON series is dedicated to Northrops sleek F-5E/F Tiger II fighter. This book is packed with beautiful full color photographs of the aircraft serving with the Swiss Air Force. Excellent documentation of details such as the cockpits, landing gear, avionics, internal 20mm cannons, external stores, and more abound in this very useful publication. Five additional pages of aircraft serving with the USAF, USN, and USMC are featured in full color to round off this fine publication. This book belongs in the collection of any scale aircraft modeler, aviation or military enthusiast, or former Tiger pilot.

F-5 Tigers over Vietnam
F-5 Tigers over Vietnam

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