Fertilizer Explosive

An explosive munition can be made from fertilizer grade ammonium nitrate and either fuel oil or a mixture of equal parts of motor oil and gasoline. When properly prepared, this explosive munition can be deto¬nated with a blasting cap.


  • Ammonium nitrate (not less than 32% nitrogen)
  • Fuel oil or gasoline ar.d motor oil (1:1 ratio)
  • Two flat boards. (At least one of these should be comfortably held in the hand, i.e. 2 x 4 and 35 x 36.)
  • Bucket or other container for mixing ingredients Iron or steel pipe or bottle, sin can or heavy-walled cardboard tube
  • Blasting cap
  • Wooden rod - 1/4 in. diametei
  • Spoon or similar measuring container


1. Spread a handful of the ammonium nitrate on the large flat board and rub vigorously with the other board until the large particles are crushed into a very fine powder that looks like flour (approx. 10 min).

NOTE: Proceed with Step 2 as soon as possible since the powder may take moisture from the air and become spoiled.

2. Mix one measure icup, tablespoon, etc.) of fuel oil with 16 measures of the finely ground ammonium nitrate In a dry bucket or other suitable container and stir with the wooden rod. If fuel oil is not available, use one half measure of gasoline and one half measure of motor oil. Store in a waterproof container until ready to use.

3. Spoon this mixture into an iron or steel pipe which has an end cap threaded on one end. If a pipe is not available, you may use a dry tin can, a glass jar or a heavy-walled cardboard tube.

NOTE: Confining the open end of the container will add to the effectiveness of the explosive.

4. Insert blasting cap just beneath the surface of the explosive mix.

NOTE: Take care not to tamp or shake the mixture in the pipe. If mixture becomes tightly packed, one cap will not be sufficient to initiate the explosive.

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