Countries of Origin France, United Kingdom.
Similar Aircraft Alouette II, Alouette III, Scout/Wasp, OH-13 Sioux, Dauphin 2.
Crew One.
Role General utility, attack.
Armament Machine guns, rockets, missiles.
Dimensions Length: 39 ft, 3 in (11.98 m). Rotor diameter: 34 ft, 5 in (10.6 m).

Gazelle WEFT Description

Wings Three-blade main rotor mounted on top of the fuselage at the rear of the cabin.
Engine(s) One turboshaft engine mounted on top of the fuselage and to the rear of the rotor shaft. Prominent, upturned exhaust.
Fuselage Teardrop-shaped with round, glassed-in cockpit. Tapering tail boom mid-mounted on fuselage. Landing skids.
Tail Tail fin swept-back and tapered with a square tip. Rectangular flats with small fins. Fan rotor housing is built into the lower tail.

Countries which Fly the Gazelle

Angola, Burundi, Cameroon, Chad, Cyprus, Ecuador, Egypt, France, Gabon, Iraq, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, People’s Republic of China, Qatar, Rwanda, Senegal, Syria, United Kingdom, Yugoslavia.

Gazelle Manufacturers Web Sites

The Gazelle is manufactured by Aerospatiale and Westland.

Aerospatiale is now part of EADS.


Westland is now the AugustaWestland division of Finmeccanica.


Agusta Westland

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