Country of Origin CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).
Similar Aircraft Canberra, Yak-28 Brewer.
Crew Three.
Role Light bomber, trainer.
Armament Bombs, two 23-mm cannons in tail.
Dimensions Length: 57 ft, 11 in (17.6 m). Span: 70 ft, 5 in (21.5 m).

Il-28 Beagle WEFT Description

Wings High-mounted with straight leading edge and forward-tapered trailing edge with blunt tips.
Engine(s) Two turbojets mounted beneath the wings in pods. Pods extend beyond wings�’ leading and trailing edges.
Fuselage Tubular and cigar-shaped tapering to the rear. Rounded, glassed-in nose. Bubble canopy.
Tail Fin is swept-back and tapered with a blunt tip. Flats are low-mounted on the fin, swept-back, and tapered with blunt tips. A glassed-in tail gunner compartment is to the rear of the tail.

Countries which Fly the Il-28 Beagle

Egypt, North Korea (H-5), People’s Republic of China (H-5).

Il-28 Beagle Manufacturers Web Site


Books on the Il-28 Beagle

Ilyushin Il-28 Beagle: Light Attack Bomber
Ilyushin Il-28 Beagle: Light Attack Bomber

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