Country of Origin CIS (Formerly USSR).
Similar Aircraft Hirundo A109, Mangusta A129, AH-64 Apache, AH-1F Cobra.
Crew Two.
Role Antihelicopter and gunship.
Armament Rocket packs, gun, AAMs.
Dimensions Length: 44 ft, 3 in (13.5 m). Roter diameter: 45 ft, 10 in (14 m).

Ka-50 Hokum WEFT Description

Wings Coaxial, contrarotating, three-blade main rotors, widely separated with swept-back tips. Equally tapered, short, stubby, weapon-carrying wings with end plates.
Engine(s) Twin turboshafts mounted high on the fuselage above the stubby wings. Semicircular air intakes. Exhausts are turned outward.
Fuselage Streamlined body tapers to the front and rear. Flat-bottomed except for underbelly gun pod and sensor. Flat plated glassed-in canopy.
Tail Thick, tapering tail boom. Back-tapered tail fin with a square tip. Flats are high-mounted on the tail boom with end plates. Flats are located forward of the fin. No tail rotor.

Countries which Fly the Ka-50 Hokum

CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).

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