Country of Origin Israel.
Similar Aircraft Mirage III/5, Mirage 2000, Viggen.
Crew One; trainer-two.
Role Ground-attack, interceptor.
Armament 30-mm cannons, missiles, bombs, rockets.
Dimensions Length: 53 ft, 8 in (16.36 m). Span: 27 ft (8.24 m).

KFIR WEFT Description

Wings Low-mounted, delta-shaped with a sawtooth in the leading edges. Small canards are mounted on the air intakes.
Engine(s) One turbojet inside fuselage. Semicircular air intakes alongside the fuselage. Large, single exhaust.
Fuselage Tube-shaped with long, solid, pointed nose. Body widens at the air intakes. Bubble canopy flush with the spine.
Tail No tail flats. Fin is swept-back and tapered with a prominent step in the leading edge.

Countries which Fly the KFIR

Colombia, Ecuador, Israel, United States of America.

KFIR Manufacturer Web Site

Israeli Aircraft Industries

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