Country of Origin Czechoslovakia.
Similar Aircraft Galeb/Jastreb, Hawk.
Crew Two.
Role Trainer, light-attack.
Armament Pod-mounted gun pack, bombs, rockets.
Dimensions Length: 39 ft, 8 in (12.1 m). Span: 31 ft (9.4 m).

Albatross WEFT Description

Wings Low-mounted, equally tapered with wing tip tanks.
Engine(s) One turbofan inside body. Air intakes are semicircular and high-mounted on the fuselage aft of the cockpit. Small, single exhaust.
Fuselage Tube-shaped, tapering to the front and rear. Pointed nose and bubble canopy.
Tail Swept-back and tapered fin with a blunt tip. Flats are high-mounted on the fuselage, equally tapered with blunt tips.

Countries which Fly the Albatross

Algeria, Czech Republic, Egypt, Libya, Lithuania, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Romania, Slovakia.

L-39 Albatross Manufacturer Web Site


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