Country of Origin Italy.
Similar Aircraft AH-64 Apache, Mi-28 Havoc, Ka-50 Hokum.
Crew Two.
Role Light-attack, antiarmor, scout.
Armament Gun pods; rockets; missiles; TOW-, Hellfire-, or HOT-capable.
Dimensions Length: 46 ft, 10 in (14.3 m). Rotor diameter: 39 ft (12 m).

Mangusta A129 WEFT Description

Wings Four-blade main rotor on top center of cabin. Weapon-carrying wings are short, stubby, and mid-mounted on the fuselage.
Engine(s) Two turboshaft engines mounted alongside the top of the fuselage. Semicircular air intakes.
Fuselage Slender and tapered to the rear. Tandem cockpit, glassed-in and flat-plated. Tapered from cockpit to blunted nose. Fixed landing gear.
Tail Boom tapers to the rear. High, swept-back fin with square tip. Flats unequally tapered with square tip. Belly fin with the rear landing wheel attached. Tail rotor on left side.

Countries which Fly the Mangusta A129


Mangusta A129 Manufacturer Web Site


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