Country of Origin Italy.
Similar Aircraft Galeb/Jastreb, M.B. 339A, Hawk, A-37 Dragonfly.
Crew One; trainer-two.
Role Light-attack, trainer.
Armament Rockets, missiles, bombs, gun pods.
Dimensions Length: 35 ft (10.66 m). Span: 35 ft, 7 in (10.86 m).

MB 326 WEFT Description

Wings Low-mounted and back-tapered leading edge with square tips. Tapered pods mounted on square wing tips.
Engine(s) One turbojet mounted inside the body. Round air intakes in wing roots. Single exhaust protruding past tail section.
Fuselage Tubular, tapers to rear. Round nose and a bubble canopy.
Tail Flats high-mounted on the body, back-tapered leading edges, and blunt tips. Fin is swept-back and tapered with a square tip

Countries which Fly the MB 326

Australia, Brazil, Ghana, Paraguay, Togo, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Zaire, Zambia.

MB 326 Manufacturer Web Site


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