Country of Origin CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).
Similar Aircraft None.
Crew One.
Role Utility, liaison.
Armament Usually none.
Dimensions Length: 39 ft, 8 in (12.2 m). Rotor diameter: 47 ft (14.36 m).

Mi-1 Hare WEFT Description

Wings Three-blade main rotor mounted on a high hump on top of fuselage midsection.
Engine(s) One radial (piston) engine mounted beneath a hump on top of cabin.
Fuselage Tadpole-shaped when viewed from bottom. Rounded nose and rear sections. Stepped, glassed-in cockpit and a long, thin, tapered tail boom.
Tail Swept-back fin with rotor on the right top. Small flats are equally tapered and mounted directly in front of the fin.

Countries which Fly the Mi-1 Hare


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