Country of Origin CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).
Similar Aircraft Hirundo A109, Mi-8 Hip.
Crew One.
Role Transport, cargo, reconnaissance, trainer, search and rescue, liaison, armed support.
Armament Rockets, missiles, machine guns.
Dimensions Length: 57 ft (17.4 m). Rotor diameter: 47 ft, 6 in (14.6 m).

Mi-2 Hoplite WEFT Description

Wings Three-blade main rotor on top of large hump above the body midsection.
Engine(s) Two turboshafts mounted side-by-side on top of cabin, forming a hump. Round air intakes above cockpit. Oval exhausts on sides of engines.
Fuselage Small, bus-like. Stepped-up cockpit and rounded nose. Tadpole-shaped body when viewed from bottom. Fixed landing gear.
Tail Tapered tail boom. Small, unequally tapered flats. Thin, swept-back fin. Rotor is on the right.

Countries which Fly the Mi-2 Hoplite

Azerbaijan, Burma, Bulgaria, CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), Cuba, Czech Republic, Georgia, Germany, Ghana, Hungary, Libya, Nicaragua, Poland, Slovakia, Syria, Ukraine.

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