Country of Origin CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).
Similar Aircraft Mangusta A129, AH-64 Apache, AH-1F Cobra.
Crew Two.
Role Attack.
Armament AAMs, antitank missiles, cannon, rockets.
Dimensions Length: 57 ft (17.4 m). Rotor diameter: 56 ft (17.04 m).

Mi-28 Havoc WEFT Description

Wings Five-blade main rotor mounted above the body midsection. Short, wide, tapered, weapon-carrying wings mounted to the rear of body midsection.
Engine(s) Two turboshafts in pods mounted alongside the top of the fuselage. Downturned exhausts.
Fuselage Slender and tapers to the tail boom and nose. Tandem, stepped-up cockpits. Cannon mounted beneath the belly. Fixed landing gear.
Tail Tapering tail boom to swept-back fin. Flat high-mounted on the fin. Rotor mounted on right.

Countries which Fly the Mi-28 Havoc

CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).

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