Country of Origin CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).
Similar Aircraft BO 105, Defender 500.
Crew Three.
Role Transport (12 to 16 equipped troops), armed support, trainer.
Armament Machine gun pod, rockets.
Dimensions Length: 55 ft (16.8 m). Rotor diameter: 69 ft (21 m).

Mi-4 Hound WEFT Description

Wings Large, four-blade main rotor mounted on top of fuselage midsection.
Engine(s) One piston engine mounted within the nose section.
Fuselage Short, oval with solid, rounded nose and stepped-up cockpit. High-mounted, long, thin tail boom. Gun mount under belly (oil pan). Four-wheeled landing gear.
Tail Small, three-blade rotor attached to right side of thin fin. Small flats forward of the fin.

Countries which Fly the Mi-4 Hound

Afghanistan, Albania (Z-5), Algeria, Bulgaria, Cuba, Czech Republic, Egypt, Germany, Iraq, Mali, Mongolia, North Korea, North Yemen, People’s Republic of China (Z-5), Poland, Romania, Somalia , South Yemen, Sudan, Syria, Vietnam.

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