Country of Origin CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).
Similar Aircraft Fitters, all models, Mirage III/5, A-4 Skyhawk.
Crew One; MiG-21U Mongol-two.
Role Ground-attack, interceptor, trainer.
Armament Cannon, missiles, rockets, bombs.
Dimensions Length: 51 ft, 8 in (15,78 m). Span: 23 ft, 5 in (7.16 m).

MiG-21 Fishbed WEFT Description

Wings Mid-mounted delta wing with small square tips.
Engine(s) One turbojet inside the body. Small round air intake in the nose. Single exhaust.
Fuselage Long, tubular body with a blunt nose and bubble canopy. One belly fin under the rear section. Large dorsal spine flush with the canopy.
Tail Fin swept-back and tapered with a square tip. Flats are mid-mounted on the body, swept-back, and tapered with square tips.

Countries which Fly the MiG-21 Fishbed

Afghanistan, Albania (J-7), Algeria, Angola, Azerbiajan, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Burma, Cambodia, Congo, Croatia, Cuba, Czech Republic, Egypt, Ethiopia, Finland, Germany, Gunea Republic, Hungary, India, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Laos, Libya, Madagascar, Mali, Mongolia, Mozambique, Nigeria, North Korea, North Yemen, Pakistan (J-7), People�’s Republic of China (J-7), Poland, Romania, Slovakia, South Yemen, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Tanzania, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Zambia, Zimbebwe.

Books on the MiG-21 Fishbed

Mikoyan MiG 21 MF Fishbed
Mikoyan MiG 21 MF Fishbed

This twenty first installment in the popular LOCK ON series focuses on the Soviet-built Mikoyan MiG-21 MF Fishbed. In service with about 40 different air forces around the world, the MiG-21 Fishbed reached an astonishing production level of some 7500, supplying the Warsaw Pact and its allies with what became the standard military fighter aircraft of its time. Stunning full color photography captures such details as cockpit, landing gear, avionics, radar, internal cannon, external weapons and pylons, speed brakes, ejection seat, engine, parabrake housing, ground service equipment, pilots, mechanics, and much more of this enigmatic aircraft. This book provides a very rare and in-depth view of this cold war veteran, and belongs in the collections of scale modelers, aviation enthusiasts, and cold war veterans.

MiG-21 Units of the Vietnam War
MiG-21 Units of the Vietnam War

Having honed their piloting skills on the subsonic MiG-17 and transonic MiG-19, the Vietnamese Peoples�’ Air Force (VPAF) received their first examples of the legendary MiG-21 supersonic fighter in 1966. Soon thrown into combat over North Vietnam, the guided-missile equipped MiG-21 proved a deadly opponent for the USAF, Navy and Marine Corps crews striking at targets deep into communist territory. Most of the VPAF�’s 12+ aces scored their bulk of their kills in the MiG-21, which was then the best fighter produced by Russia�’s premier fast jet manufacturer, Mikoyan Gurevich. Well over 200 MiG-21s were supplied to the VPAF, and the numerous models and the schemes they wore are chronicled in great detail in this unique volume.

Arab Mig-19 and Mig-21 Units in Combat
Arab Mig-19 and Mig-21 Units in Combat

The MiG-21 provided the backbone of frontline Arab air combat strength for many years and remained the Arabs’ only real hope of challenging Israeli air supremacy. This book provides a detailed history of the MiG-21 in Egyptian, Syrian and Iraqi service. It includes numerous photographs, most of which have not been seen outside the Arab world and a large proportion of which have never previously been published anywhere. The material is drawn from official sources and from the private collections and recollections of men who flew, or met, these aircraft in combat.

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