Country of Origin France.
Similar Aircraft Kfir C-2, Viggen, MiG-21 Fishbed, A-4 Skyhawk, Fantan A.
Crew One; trainer-two.
Role Ground-attack, fighter, reconnaissance.
Armament 30-mm cannon, bombs, rockets.
Dimensions Length: Mirage III: 49 ft, 3 in (15.02 m). Mirage 5: 51 ft (15.55 m). Span: 27 ft (8.24 m).

Mirage III/5 WEFT Description

Wings Low-mounted delta wing with pointed tips.
Engine(s) One turbojet inside fuselage. Semicircular air intakes are forward of the wing roots below the canopy. Large, single exhaust.
Fuselage Long, slender, and tubular with a pointed nose and a bubble cockpit.
Tail Large, swept-back, and tapered tail fin with a square tip. No tail flats.

Countries which Fly the Mirage III/5

Argentina, Brazil, Chile (Mirage 5 and 50), Colombia, Egypt, France, Gabon, Lebanon, Libya, Pakistan, Peru, South Africa, Switzerland, Venezuela (Mirage 50), Zaire.

Mirage III/5 Manufacturer Web Site

Dassault Aviation

Books on the Mirage III/5

MIRAGE III : From 1955 - 2000
MIRAGE III : From 1955 - 2000

The first French operational Mach-2 fighter has served in an impressive number of air forces from the Sixties to the present day, in numerous versions of Mirage III and 5 delta combat aircraft. Every variant and every livery - 20 different cockades or so - are included in this new book on the ubiquitous French fighter which gained worldwide fame.

Israeli Mirage and Nesher Aces
Israeli Mirage and Nesher Aces

Israeli delta fighters pilots have been credited with almost 300 kills between 1966 and 1974, and dozens of them became aces. The Israeli aerial kill exchange rate and overall air-to-air performance was phenomenal. Although the Israeli pilots were flying Mach 2 fighters, they lacked any modern radar equipment and their MiG-21 flying opponents should have had a performance edge over them. This book details their most signifcant engagements, many of which were essentially World War 2 style dogfights fought with jet aircraft. Because neither side had the combat edge to disengage at will most engagements were a life and death struggle and the introduction of air-to-air missiles and the Israeli Nesher was to prove decisive in this theatre.

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