Country of Origin France, Germany, United States of America, United Kingdom.
Similar Aerial Platform(s) Mirach 26, Shaheen, MK III, Mastiff, Ranger ADS 90.
Role Short-range multirole UAV.
Armament Usually none.
Dimensions Length: 10 ft, 9 in (3.34 m). Span: 14 ft, 4 in (4.40 m).

MK-105 Flash WEFT Description

Wings High-mounted and forward tapered from midwing to the square tips.
Engine(s) Four-cylinder, prop driven on rear of fuselage in the opposing position.
Fuselage Round with round, glass nose. IR bubble sensor on belly. Thin booms.
Tail Back-tapered fins on booms. Square flat on top of fins.

Countries which Fly the MK-105 Flash

France, Germany.

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