Mortar Scrap Mine

Section II

No. 5

A directional shrapnel launcher that can be placed in the path of advancing troops.


  • Iron pipe approximately 3 ft. (1 meter) long and 2 in. to 4 in. (5 to 10 cm) in diameter and threaded on at least one end. Salvaged artillery cartridge case may also be used.
  • Threaded cap to fit pipe.
  • Black powder or salvaged artillery propellant about 1/2 lb. (200 gms) total.
  • Electrical igniter (commercial SQUIB or improvised igniter, Section VI, No. 1). Safety or improvised fuse may also be used.
  • Small stones about 1 in. (2-1/2 cm) in diameter or small size scrap; about 1 lb. (400 gms) total.
  • Rags for wadding, each about 20 in. by 20 in. (50 cm x 50 cm)
  • Paper or bag
  • Battery and wire
  • Stick (non-metallic)

Note: Be sure pipe has no cracks or flaws.


1. Screw threaded cap onto pipe.

2. Place propellant and igniter in paper or rag and tie package with string so contents will not fall out.

3. Insert packaged propellant and igniter into pipe until package rests against threaded cap leaving firing leads extending from open end of pipe.

4. Roll rag till it is about 6 in. (15-1/2 cm) long and the same diameter as pipe. Insert rag wadding against packaged propellant igniter. With caution, pack tightly using stick.

5. Insert stones and/or scrap metal into pipe.

6. Insert second piece of rag wadding against stones and/or metal scrap. Pack tightly as before.


1. Bury pipe in ground with open end facing the expected path of the enemy. The open end may be covered with cardboard and a thin layer of dirt or leaves as camouflage.

2. Connect firing leads to battery and switch. Mine can be remotely fired when needed or attached to trip device placed in path of advancing troops.

NOTE: A NON-ELECTRICAL ignition system can be substituted for the electrical ignition system as follows.

1. Follow above procedure, substituting safety fuse for igniter.

2. Light safety fuse when ready to fire.

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