Country of Origin United Kingdom.
Similar Aircraft Nimrod, P-3C Orion.
Crew Twelve.
Role Surveillance, ASW.
Armament None.
Dimensions Length: 126 ft, 7 in (38.6 m). Span: 114 ft, 8 in (35 m).

Nimrod AEW3 WEFT Description

Wings Low-mounted, swept-back, and tapered with blunt tips. Wide wing roots. External fuel tanks in wings extend beyond the wings�’ leading edges.
Engine(s) Four turbojets mounted in the wing roots. Oval air intakes. Exhausts are to the rear of the trailing edges of the wings.
Fuselage Cigar-shaped with rounded nose and and tapered rear section. Rounded tail boom. Stepped cockpit.
Tail Fin is equally tapered with an ECM pod mounted at the top. Large angular fairing. Flats are high-mounted on the fuselage and back-tapered with a positive slant.

Countries which Fly the Nimrod AEW3

United Kingdom.

Manufacturer Web Site

BAE Systems

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