No-flash Fuse Igniter

Section VI

No. 5

A simple no-flash fuse igniter can be made from common pips fittings.


  • 1/4 in. (6mm) Pips Cap Solid 1/4 in. (6mm) Pipe Plug Flat head nail about 1/16 in. (1 1/2 mm) in diameter
  • Hand Drill
  • Common “Strike Anywhere”
  • Matches Adhesive Tape


1. Screw the pipe plug tightly into the pipe cap.

2. Drill hole completely through the center of the plug and cap large enough that the nail fits loosely.

3. Enlarge the hole in the plug except for the last 1/8 in. (3 mm) so that the fuse cord will just fit.

4. Remove the plug from the cap and push the flat head nail through the hole in the cap from the inside.

5. Cut the striking tips from approximately 10 strike-anywhere matches. Place match tips inside pipe cap and screw plug in finger tight.


1. Slide the fuse cord into the hole in the pipe plug.

2. Tape igniter to fuse cord.

3. Tap point of nail on a hard surface to ignite the fuse.

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