Country of Origin USA.
Similar Aircraft S.F. 260W.
Crew One.
Role Light-reconnaissance, liaison, training.
Armament Normally unarmed.
Dimensions Length: 25 ft, 10 in (7.9 m). Span: 36 ft (11 m).

O-1 Bird Dog WEFT Description

Wings High-mounted, straight to midwing, and unequally tapered from midwing to blunt tips.
Engine(s) One piston engine mounted in nose.
Fuselage Cigar-shaped and tapered to the rear section. Blunt nose. Stepped, glassed-in cockpit. Fixed landing gear.
Tail Fin is rounded. Flats mounted high on the body and are round and butterfly-shaped.

Countries which Fly the O-1 Bird Dog

Austria, Indonesia, Italy, Norway, Pakistan, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, Thailand, United States of America.

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