Country of Origin USA.
Similar Aircraft Skymaster, 335 Model, not in this manual.
Crew Two.
Role Observation, liaison, forward air control, psychological warfare.
Armament Miniguns, rockets.
Dimensions Length: 29 ft, 9 in (9.6 m). Span: 38 ft, 3 in (11.64 m).

O-2 Skymaster WEFT Description

Wings High-mounted with straight leading edges and forward-tapered trailing edges from midwing to blunt tips.
Engine(s) Two piston engines, one on the nose and one on the rear of the body.
Fuselage Stubby, box-like with propellers at each end. Stepped, glassed-in cockpit. Rear of body upswept to tail booms.
Tail Rectangular tail flat at end of twin tail booms. Swept-back tail fins with blunt tips at tips of tail flat. Fins extend above and below tail flat.

Countries which Fly the O-2 Skymaster

Central African Republic, Chad, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Guinea-Bissau, Iran, Jamaica, Mauritania, Nicaragua, Niger, Portugal, Sri Lanka, Togo, United States of America, Venezuela.

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