Country of Origin USA.
Similar Aircraft Alouette II, Alouette III, Gazelle, Scout/Wasp.
Crew One.
Role Utility, observation.
Armament Minigun, rocket pods.
Dimensions Length: 31 ft, 7 in (9.64 m). Rotor diameter: 37 ft (11.32 m).

OH-13 Sioux WEFT Description

Wings Dual-blade main rotor located above body midsection behind the cockpit.
Engine(s) One piston engine located inside latticework midsection behind the cockpit.
Fuselage Round (goldfish bowl), glassed-in cockpit. Open-grid midsection and tail boom tapers to the rear. Belly fin. Skids with movable wheels attached for handling.
Tail Small, rectangular flats. Small rotor centered at end of boom with rotor guard.

Countries which Fly the OH-13 Sioux

Brazil, Colombia, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, Uganda, United States of America.

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