Country of Origin USA.
Similar Aircraft Defender 500MD, BO 105.
Crew One.
Role Observation, liaison.
Armament Usually none. Hardware available for minigun mount.
Dimensions Length: 21 ft (6.4 m). Rotor diameter: 26 ft (7.92 m).

OH-6A Cayuse WEFT Description

Wings Four-blade main rotor mounted above the fuselage midsection.
Engine(s) One turboshaft located on the top rear of the fuselage.
Fuselage Teardrop-shaped with round, glassed-in cockpit. Upswept rear section. Skid-type landing gear.
Tail Y tail. Thin, tapering tail boom. Rotor on the left attached to the tail boom.

Countries which Fly the OH-6A Cayuse

Brazil, Japan, Nicaragua, United States of America.

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