Country of Origin USA.
Similar Aircraft S-2 Tracker, OV-10 Bronco, An-2 Colt.
Crew Two.
Role Battlefield surveillance.
Armament Normally unarmed (capable of carrying minigun, bombs, and rockets).
Dimensions Length: 41 ft (12.5 m). Span: 48 ft (14.64 m).

OV-1 Mohawk WEFT Description

Wings Mid-mounted and equally tapered with blunt tips. Positive slant.
Engine(s) Two turboprops mounted on top of and extending beyond wings�’ leading edges.
Fuselage Club-shaped and tapered to rear section. Blunt nose. Two-seat, stepped-up cockpit. When installed, SLAR is prominently exposed beneath the right side and forward part of the body.
Tail Triple fins are equally tapered. Outer fins extend above and below the flat. Center fin appears taller. Flats are tapered with a positive slant.

Countries which Fly the OV-1 Mohawk


OV-1 Mohawk Manufacturer Web Site

Northrop Grumman

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