Country of Origin USA.
Similar Aircraft OV-1 Mohawk, C-23A Sherpa.
Crew Two.
Role Armed reconnaissance; forward air control; quick-response, ground-support.
Armament Machine guns, rockets, bombs.
Dimensions Length: 41 ft, 7 in (12.70 m). Span: 40 ft (12.20 m).

OV-10 Bronco WEFT Description

Wings High-mounted and rectangular with square tips.
Engine(s) Two turboprops in booms under wings.
Fuselage Short and oval with glassed-in, stepped canopy.
Tail Twin tail booms with swept-back fin on each boom. Rectangular tail flat that connects the tail fins at the top.

Countries which Fly the OV-10 Bronco

Indonesia, Morocco, Thailand, United States of America, Venezuela.

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