Country of Origin Switzerland.
Similar Aircraft L-39 Albatross, SF.260W Warrior.
Crew Two-seat.
Role Turbo-trainer, aerobatic, light attack.
Armament Six pylons for weapons.
Dimensions Length: 32 ft, 1 in (9.78 m). Span: 34 ft, 1 in (10.40 m).

PC-7 WEFT Description

Wings Low-mounted, unequally tapered with blunt tips. Positive slant.
Engine(s) Single, turboprop, mounted in the nose section. Air intake beneath a bullet nose.
Fuselage Oval, tapers to front and rear.
Tail Tapered tail fin with fairing and square tip. Flats high-mounted and equally tapered with offset square tips.

Countries which Fly the PC-7

Abu Dhabi, Angola, Austria, Bolivia, Burma, Chile, France, Guatamala, Iran, Iraq, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Switzerland.

PC-7 Manufacturer Web Site


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