Country of Origin United Kingdom.
Similar Aircraft Alouette II, Alouette III, Gazelle, OH-13 Sioux.
Crew One.
Role Utility.
Armament Accommodations for antitank missiles, cannon, rockets.
Dimensions Length: 30 ft, 4 in (9.26 m). Rotor diameter: 32 ft, 3 in (9.84 m).

Scout, Wasp WEFT Description

Wings Four-blade main rotor mounted on a shaft behind the cabin and between the cabin and engine.
Engine(s) One turboshaft mounted behind rear of cabin (exposed).
Fuselage Rounded nose, stepped-up, glassed-in cockpit, including top; slightly tapered rear section. Fixed landing gear.
Tail Swept-back, tapered fin with small rotor on the left. Rectangular flats (Army version) mounted to the underside of boom below the fin.

Countries which Fly the Scout, Wasp

Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, United Kingdom.

Scout, Wasp Manufacturer Web Site

Westland is now the AugustaWestland division of Finmeccanica.


Agusta Westland

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