Shotgun Grenade Launcher

Section IV

No. 2

This device can be used to launch a hand grenade to a distance of 160 yards (150 meters) or more, using a standard 12 gauge shotgun.


  • Grenade (Improvised pipe hand grenade. Section II. No. 1, may be used)
  • 12 gauge shotgun
  • 12 gauge shotgun cartridges
  • Two washers, (brass, steel, iron, etc.). having outside diameter of 5/8 in. (1-1/2 cm)
  • Rubber disk 3/4 in. (2 cm) in diameter and 1/4 in. (6 mm) thick (leather, neoprene, etc. can be used)
  • A 30 in. (75 cm) long piece of hard wood (maple, oak. etc.) approximately 5/8 in. (1-1/2 cm) in diameter. Be sure that wood will slide into barrel easily.
  • Tin can (grenade and its safety lever must fit into can)
  • Two wooden blocks about 2 in. (5 cm) square and 1-1/2 in. (4 cm) thick
  • One wood screw about 1 in. (2-1/2 cm) long
  • Two nails about 2 in. (5 cm) long 12 gauge wads, tissue paper, or cotton
  • Adhesive tape, string, or wire
  • Drill


1. Punch hole in center of rubber disk large enough for screw to pass through.

Washer Wooden Stick

2. Make push-rod as shown.

NOTE: Gun barrel is slightly less than 3/4 inch In diameter. If rubber disk does not fit in barrel, file or trim It very slightly. It should fit tightly.

3. Drill a hole through the center of one wooden block of such size that the push-rod will fit tightly. Whittle a depression around the hole on one side approximately 1/8 in. (3 mm) and large enough for the grenade to rest in.

4. Place the base of the grenade in the depression in the wooden block. Securely fasten grenade to block by wrapping tape (or wire) around entire grenade and block.

NOTE: Be sure that the tape (or wire) does not cover hole in block or interfere with the operation of the grenade safety lever.

5. Drill hole through the center of the second wooden block, so that it will Just slide over the outside of the gun barrel.

6. Drill a hole in the center of the bottom of the tin can the same size as the hole in the block.

7. Attach can to block as shown.

8. Slide the can and block onto the barrel until muzzle passes can open end. Wrap a small piece of tape around the barrel an inch or two from the end. Tightly wrapped string may be used instead of tape. Force the can and wooden block forward against the tape so that they are securely held in place. Wrap tape around the barrel behind the can.

CAUTION: Be sure that the can is securely fastened to the gun barrel. If the can should become loose and slip down the barrel after the launcher is assembled, the grenade will explode after the regular delay time.

9. Remove crimp from a 12 gauge shotgun cartridge with pen knife. Open cartridge. Pour shot from shell. Remove wads and plastic liner if present.

10. Empty the propellant onto a piece of paper. Using a knife, divide the propellant in half. Replace half of the propellant into the cartridge case.

11. Replace the 12 gauge cardboard wads into cartridge case.

NOTE: If wads are not available, stuff tissue paper or cotton into the cartridge case. Pack tightly.


Method I - When ordinary grenade is used:

1. Load cartridge in gun.

2. Push end of push-rod without the rubber disk into hole in wooden block fastened to grenade.

3. Slowly push rod into barrel until it rests against the cartridge case and grenade is in can. If the grenade is not in the can. remove rod and cut to proper size. Push rod back into barrel.

4. With can holding safety lever of grenade in place, carefully remove safety pin.

CAUTION: Be sure that the sides of the can restrain the grenade safety lever. If the safety lever should be released for any reason, grenade will explode after regular grenade delay time.

5. To fire grenade launcher, rest gun in ground at angle determined by range desired. A 45 degree angle should give about 150 meters (160 yds.)

Method II - When improvised pipe grenade is used:

An improvised pipe grenade (Section 11. No. 1) may be launched in a similar manner. No tin can is needed.

1. Fasten the grenade to the block as shown above with the fuse hole at the end opposite the block.

2. Push end of push-rod into hole in wooden block fastened to grenade.

3. Push rod into barrel until it rests against cartridge case.

4. Load cartridge In gun.

5. Follow step 5 of Method 1.

6. Using a fuse with at least a 10 second delay, light the fuse before fixing.

7. Fire when the fuss burns to 1/2 its original length.

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