Country of Origin United Kingdom.
Similar Aircraft An-14 Clod, An-28 Cash (neither shown in this manual).
Crew One.
Role STOL transport, cargo (twenty equipped troops, light vehicles), airdrop.
Armament Usually none.
Dimensions Length: 40 ft (12.22 m). Span: 65 ft (19.8 m).

Skyvan 3M WEFT Description

Wings High-mounted and rectangular-shaped with blunt tips.
Engine(s) Two piston or turboprop engines mounted under and extending beyond the wings�’ leading edges.
Fuselage Thick, box-like, and flat-bottomed. Rounded nose with flush cockpit. Fixed landing gear. Upswept rear section.
Tail Twin rectangular tail fins with blunt tips mounted on the tips of a rectangular flat. Fins extend above and below the flat.

Countries which Fly the Skyvan 3M

Austria, Botswana, Ghana, Guyana, Indonesia, Japan, Malawi, Mauritania, Mexico, Nepal, North Yemen, Oman, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States of America.

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