Country of Origin CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).
Similar Aircraft A-6 Intruder, Magister, Alpha Jet, Jaguar, AMX, A-10A Thunderbolt II.
Crew One.
Role CAS, ground-attack.
Armament Cannon missiles, rockets, bombs.
Dimensions Length: 47 ft, 6 in (14.6 m). Span: 50 ft, 10 in (15.6 m).

Su-25 Frogfoot WEFT Description

Wings High-mounted and back-tapered with straight trailing edges. Pods mounted at the square tips.
Engine(s) Two turbojets mounted alongside the body under the wings. Semicircular air intakes forward of the wings�’ leading edges. Exhausts to the rear of the wings�’ trailing edges.
Fuselage Long, slender, rounded nose. Body tapers to the rear section that overhangs the exhausts. Stepped canopy.
Tail Swept-back and tapered fin with a square tip. Flats mid-mounted on the fuselage, unequally tapered with blunt tips.

Countries which Fly the Su-25 Frogfoot

Angola, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), Czech Republic, Iraq, Georgia, Hungary, Iran, North Korea, Slovakia, Ukraine.

Su-25 Frogfoot Manufacturer Web Site


Books on the Su-25 Frogfoot

Sukhoi Su-25 Frogfoot: Close Air Support Aircraft
Sukhoi Su-25 Frogfoot: Close Air Support Aircraft

Su-25 Frogfoot
Su-25 Frogfoot

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