Country of Origin France.
Similar Aircraft Fantan A, Mitsubishi F-1, Mirage F1, Yak-38 Forger.
Crew One.
Role Strike, fighter.
Armament Missiles, cannon, bombs.
Dimensions Length: 47 ft (14.34 m). Span: 31 ft, 6 in (9.62 m).

Super Etendard WEFT Description

Wings Mid-mounted, swept-back, and tapered with blunt tips. Sawtooth in the leading edges.
Engine(s) One turbojet inside the body. Semicircular air intakes below the canopy. Single exhaust.
Fuselage Long, pointed nose. Body bulges at the air intakes and tapers to the rear. Bubble canopy well forward on the nose. Dorsal spine extends from the cockpit to midbody.
Tail Large, swept-back, and tapered tail fin with curved tip. Flats are low- to mid-mounted on the tail fin, swept-back, and tapered with blunt tips.

Countries which Fly the Super Etendard

Argentina, France.

Super Etendard Manufacturer Web Site

Dassault Aviation

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