Country of Origin France.
Similar Aircraft Puma, SH-3 Sea King, CH-53 Sea Stallion, HH-3E Jolly Green Giant, Mi-8 Hip.
Crew Two on flight deck; three in main cabin.
Role Assault-transport (38 equipped troops), naval operations.
Armament Torpedoes.
Dimensions Length: 75 ft, 7 in (23.02 m). Rotor diameter: 62 ft (18.92 m).

Super Frelon WEFT Description

Wings Six-blade main rotor mounted above center of fuselage.
Engine(s) Three turboshafts. Two are mounted side-by-side atop the fuselage forward of main rotor; the third is behind the main rotor. Round air intakes above and behind cockpit.
Fuselage Boat-hull type with stabilizing floats on either side of body. Nose is round with glassed-in cockpit. Upswept rear section. Fixed landing gear.
Tail Boom tapers from main body to swept-back, tapered fin. Rotor on left. Single, tapered, and and flat-mounted on the right side of fin.

Countries which Fly the Super Frelon

France, Iraq, Israel, Libya, People’s Republic of China, Zaire.

Super Frelon Manufacturer Web Site

Aerospatiale is now part of EADS.


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