Country of Origin Canada (DHC-2).
Similar Aircraft An-2 Colt.
Crew Two.
Role Light-cargo, transport (five equipped troops).
Armament Usually none.
Dimensions Length: 30 ft, 4 in (9.24 m). Span: 48 ft (14.64 m).

U-6A Beaver WEFT Description

Wings High-mounted and rectangular with blunt tips.
Engine(s) One piston engine in nose section. Later models have a turboprop engine.
Fuselage Club-shaped fuselage with blunt nose and sharply tapered tail section. Stepped cockpit.
Tail Flats high-mounted on body and equally tapered with blunt tips. Fin is rounded.

Countries which Fly the U-6A Beaver

Canada, Colombia, Haiti, United States of America.

U-6A Beaver Manufacturer Web Site

de Havilland is now part of BAE Systems.

BAE Systems.

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