Country of Origin Sweden.
Similar Aircraft Kfir, Mirage III/5.
Crew One; trainer-two.
Role Multirole, fighter.
Armament Cannon, gun pods, missiles, rockets, bombs.
Dimensions Length: 53 ft, 6 in (16.4 m). Span: 34 ft, 9 in (10.7 m).

Viggen AJ-37 WEFT Description

Wings Main wings are low-mounted, delta-shaped, extending from the body midsection to the exhaust. Small, clipped delta wings forward of the main wings and high-mounted on the body.
Engine(s) One turbofan in the body. Semicircular air intakes just forward and below the secondary wings. Large, single exhaust.
Fuselage Short and wide with pointed, solid nose. Bubble canopy. Small belly fin.
Tail No tail flats. Large, unequally tapered fin with a small, clipped tip.

Countries which Fly the Viggen AJ-37


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