Fuse Igniter from Book Matches

Section VI

No. 2

A simple, reliable fuse igniter can be made from paper book matches.

Material Required

  • Paper book matches.
  • Adhesive or friction tape.
  • Fuse cord (improvised or commercial).
  • Pin or small nail.


1. Remove the staple(s) from match book and separate matches from cover.

2. Cut fuse cord so that inner core is exposed.

3. Tape exposed end of fuse cord in center of one row of matches.

4. Fold matches over fuse and tape.

5. Shape the cover into a tube with the striking surface on the inside and tape. Make sure the edges of the cover at the striking end are butted. Leave cover open at opposite end for insertion of the matches.

6. Push the taped matches with fuse cord into the tube until the bottom ends of the matches are exposed about 3/4 inch (2 cm).

7. Flatten and fold the open end of the tube so that it laps over about 1 inch (2-1/2 cm); tape in place.

8. Push pin or small nail through matches and fuse cord. Bend end of pin or nail.

Method of Use

To light the fuse cord, the Igniter is held by both hands and pulled sharply or quickly.


Store matches and completed fuse igniters in moisture proof containers such as plastic or rubber type bags until ready for use. Damp or wet paper book matches will not ignite. Fuse lengths should not exceed 12 in. (30 cm) for easy storage. These can be spliced to main fuses when needed.

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