Grenade - Tin Can Land Mine

Section II

No. 4

This device can be used as a land mine that will explode when the trip wire is pulled.


  • Hand grenade having side safety lever
  • Sturdy container, open at one end, that is just large enough to fit over grenade and its safety lever (tin can of proper size is suitable).
  • Strong string or wire

NOTE: The container must be of such a size that, when the grenade is placed in It and the safety pin removed, its sides will prevent the safety lever from springing open. One end must be completely open.


1. Fasten one piece of string to the closed end of container, making a strong connection. This can be done by punching 2 holes in the can, looping the string through them, and tying a knot.

2. Tie free end of this string to bush, stake, fencepost, etc.

3. Fasten another length of string to the grenade such that it cannot interfere with the functioning of the ignition mechanism of the grenade.

4. Insert grenade into container.

5. Lay free length of string across path and fasten to stake, bush. etc. The string should remain taut.


1. Carefully withdraw safety pin by pulling on ring. Be sure safety lever is restrained during this operation. Grenade will function in normal manner when trip wire is pulled.

NOTE: In areas where concealment is possible, a greater effect may be obtained by suspending the grenade several feet above ground, as illustrated below.

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