Rifle Cartridge

Section III

No. 8

NOTE: See Section III, No. 5 for reusable primer.

A method of making a previously fired rifle cartridge reusable.


  • Empty rifle cartridge, be sure that it still fits inside gun.
  • Threaded bolt that fits into neck of cartridge at least 1-1/4 in. (3 cm) long.
  • Safety or “strike-anywhere” matches (about 58 matches are needed for 7.62 mm cartridge)
  • Rag wad (about 3/4 in. (1-1/2 cm) square for 7.62 mm cartridge)
  • Knife
  • Saw

NOTE: Number of matches and size of rag wad depend on particular cartridge used.


1. Remove coating on heads of matches by scraping match sticks with sharp edge.

CAUTION: If wooden “strike-any¬where” matches are used, cut off tips first. Discard tips or use for

Reusable Primer, Section III, No. 5.

2. Fill previously primed car¬tridge case with match head coatings up to its neck. Pack evenly and tightly with match stick.

CAUTION: Remove head of match stick before packing. In all packing operations, stand off to the side and pack gently. Do not hammer.

3. Place rag wad in neck of case. Pack with match stick from which head was removed.

4. Saw off head end of bolt so remainder is approximately the length of the standard bullet.

5. Place bolt in cartridge case so that it sticks out about the same length as the original bullet.

NOTE: If bolt does not fit snugly, force paper or match sticks between bolt and case, or wrap tape around bolt before inserting in case.

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